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Are you tired of giving your child gifts that just get lost in the toy box? If so, our dentist, Dr. Adrienne Fang, recommends giving your child an exciting gift that can help their smile. This might seem like a boring gift, but it’s more exciting than you might think. Our dental team’s gift recommendations are:

-A toothbrush that is fun to use: If your child enjoys using their toothbrush, they will most likely have a more diligent and effective oral hygiene routine. So, feel free to get them an electric toothbrush, a brush that flashes lights, a brush that plays music while they scrub, or even a brush that has their favorite movie character on it.

-A high-tech flossing tool: Some flossing tools, like water flossers, can make flossing an adventure. A water flosser sprays water out of the tip of a wand. If your child puts the tip in their mouth and faces it toward the chompers, they will be giving their smile a bath. Be careful—this might turn into a water-fight weapon!

-A straight and beautiful smile: Crooked and misaligned teeth can take the beauty away from a smile. So, if your child has uneven teeth, they likely dislike their appearance, which can result in a lowered self-esteem. Help them by giving them the gift of orthodontics. By the time they are done with their orthodontic journey, they will have a smile they are proud of!

For more information on the recommended dental gifts in Valencia, California, please call Adrienne L. Fang, DDS at 661-253-0588. Our dental team will be happy to tell you more about electric toothbrushes, water flossers, and orthodontic treatment!