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With the Halloween season in full effect, it is important to make sure you’re taking all necessary steps to keep your smile safe from the dangers of dental erosion, cavities, tooth decay, dental damage, and other ailments that can befall your smile. For starters, build a checklist to help eliminate all unnecessary risks from your lifestyle.

With Halloween, it is always important to inspect any treats that you may consume, as some may be too risky for your oral health. This includes sticky sweets that can increase the time that tooth decay can occur, such as gummies and taffy, as well as hard candies and treats that can chip and crack teeth, such as candy apples and popcorn balls.

It is important always to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. In addition, chewing sugarless gum is an effective method to help promote saliva flow. Furthermore, always use cleaning utensils that are safe and effective for your mouth, including brushes with soft bristles and shred-resistant dental floss. For additional help, visit your dentist for an oral examination or professional cleaning.

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