At our practice, our dentist and team are committed to helping you avoid dental problems and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. To do this, we offer sodium diamine fluoride in Valencia, California, a preventive treatment that offers more protection than traditional fluoride. If you would like to strengthen your teeth and protect your smile, we invite you to contact our practice at 661-253-0588 and set up an appointment with Dr. Adrienne Fang.

Fluoride is a substance that is a natural product that is often found in the foods we eat and water we drink. Fluoride is also added to most dental products, such as toothpaste, to help strengthen your tooth enamel. Many dental practices offer fluoride treatments to provide your smile with greater protection against tooth decay and other dental problems. At our practice, we offer an advanced fluoride treatment: sodium diamine fluoride (SDF).

Sodium diamine fluoride is a liquid fluoride that is colorless and made up of 5% fluoride, 8% ammonia, and 25% silver. The silver in SDF helps destroy harmful bacteria by disrupting the bacteria cells’ respiration, and by attaching to the DNA to prevent replication. The fluoride works to remineralize your tooth enamel, which helps prevent your enamel from wearing down and protect your teeth against decay.

SDF has been used for many years, and it is FDA-approved for safe use in the United States. It has been available in Brazil, Australia, Cuba, Argentina and China since the 1980s, and it has been used in Japan for over 80 years. While SDF is safe to use, it is not recommended for patients who have a silver allergy or gingivitis. Some common side effects of using SDF include white, small mucosal lesions that stain black. However, our team will evaluate your overall and oral health prior to an SDF treatment to ensure that it is safe for you and will provide the protection you need with minimal to no side effects.

SDF is great for children and adults. In many cases, our dentist may recommend an SDF treatment if you:

  • Are at a greater risk of developing cavities
  • Have behavioral, medical or age challenges that could lead to tooth decay
  • Develop several lesions that cannot be treated in one appointment
  • Have lesions that are more difficult to treat
  • Cannot receive regular dental cleanings

Sodium diamine fluoride provides several benefits. Not only does it help prevent the development of dental caries, but it can help prevent current cavities from getting worse. It can also help minimize tooth sensitivity that is often a result of worn-down enamel.

If you would like to learn more about sodium diamine fluoride and how it can benefit your smile, we invite you to contact our office today. We are here to help care for your smile!