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Here at our office, Dr. Adrienne Fang understands how important it is to maintain a white and winning smile. If one of your front teeth suffers from tooth decay, chips, discoloration, or other cosmetic imperfections, it can have an adverse effect on your self-esteem. In a situation like this, Dr. Adrienne Fang offers several cosmetic dental solutions.

If you’re interested in improving all the teeth in your smile, she might recommend fitting you for dental veneers. If you only have one or two teeth that need cosmetic improvement, she might recommend a porcelain dental crown restoration.

A dental crown in Valencia, California, essentially replicates the tooth enamel layer of an affected tooth. It can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth in your smile. Sometimes your dentist will recommend having a dental bleaching treatment administered to whiten all your teeth and adjust the shade of the crown accordingly. This will improve the appearance of the tooth while cosmetically restoring your winning smile

The process starts with the dentist using a drill to remove the entire enamel layer of the tooth. This leaves behind a post-like abutment that encases the pulp and root of the tooth.

A detailed impression will be made of the area, which will be sent to our dental lab. This will serve as a guide while the technicians produce the porcelain crown. The dentist will secure a temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

When your new crown is ready, we will call you back in to have the temporary crown removed and the porcelain crown cemented in place.

If you need one or two teeth cosmetically restored, you should call 661-253-0588 to explore our cosmetic dental treatments at our office.